International Psoriasis Council

Advancing Knowledge. Enhancing Care.

Advancing Knowledge. Enhancing Care.

Becoming an IPC Councilor

IPC Councilors

IPC Councilors play an important role in the work of IPC. Councilors serve in an advisory capacity and lend their global expertise on psoriasis research, treatment, and education to support all IPC programs, events, and initiatives. They provide expert opinions on current psoriasis therapeutic and research-related issues, participate in round-table conferences, contribute to manuscripts submitted to top-tier journals, and present at important congresses around the world. Learn more about our global volunteer network by searching the Experts directory. The IPC Board seeks colleagues who hold a position in a professional specialty relevant to IPC’s mission. The individual either manages the care of people with psoriasis or performs research relevant to psoriasis and its multiple co-morbidities.

Selection criteria

Councilor selection will be based on the individuals’ level of expertise based on the following guiding principles:

  • Overall reputation in the dermatology community or other specialty of interest to IPC, in his/her own country or region
  • Experience in clinical or investigative research in psoriasis or its related co-morbidities with appropriate publishing
  • High level of clinical expertise in psoriasis patient care
  • Demonstrated professional interest and expertise in psoriasis

Application process


Complete the IPC Councilor application form describing your expertise and experience in psoriasis and/or its multiple co-morbidities. Provide the names of two IPC Councilors or Board Members who may support your application, each from a different country (If you do not know any of the Councilors or Board Members, leave this field blank; this does not necessarily disqualify you from membership).

Submit your current curriculum vitae (CV) to


IPC Nomination Committee will review your application and CV, and if necessary additional information will be requested to support your application.  If the nomination committee believes you have the experience and expertise to become an IPC Councilor, you will then need to supply the following information:

  • Statement from each of the two supporting Board Members and/or Councilors (each must be from a different country)


Your complete application will then be forwarded to the IPC Board of Directors for consideration at its next scheduled board meeting. For more information, please contact