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The Global Psoriasis Atlas has released the annual report for April 2018 - March 2019, which reveals the huge amount of work that is taking place under the GPA teams, and how truly global the enterprise has become within a relatively short period of time. 

Highlights of the 2018-2019 annual report include:

  • Progress updates on GPA Work Streams, which are producing novel data and have been presented at international and scientific meetings and are in the process of submission for publication
  • New information on the worldwide epidemiology of psoriasis and on the access to psoriasis care in Latin America
  • A humanistic view of GPA's work highlights a journey through South America by Dr.  Tatajana Maul
  • Grant funding will expand GPA's work into Sub-Saharan Africa – an area that GPA's systematic review highlighted as having a dearth of data on psoriasis prevalence


  • Performance updates
  • PhD Q&A's and updates from GPA's Regional Coordinators
  • A look at collaborating organizations and fellowships
  • Plans for the future
  • And more...

International Psoriasis Council and Global Psoriasis Atlas

International Psoriasis Council is one of three of Global Psoriasis Atlas' collaborating organizations. Together, IPC and GPA conducted a survey to study the access to biologics therapy in developing countries, including many Latin American countries. In addition, GPA is conducting an e-Delphi study in association with the IPC to develop diagnostic criteria for psoriasis. Learn more about IPC's partnership with GPA in this annual report.

Read Global Psoriasis Atlas 2018-2019 Annual Report >

The Global Psoriasis Atlas is the leading epidemiological resource on psoriasis globally; thus informing research, policy and health care provision worldwide. 

Learn more about the Global Psoriasis Atlas >


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