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The International Psoriasis Council (IPC) Think Tank was held at the Mondrian Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida, on November 30–December 1, 2018. The IPC Think Tank is an annual event in which IPC’s key stakeholders discuss the most pressing issues facing the clinical management and scientific understanding of psoriasis.

Highlights from this event included: 

  • P4 MEDICINE AND PSORIASIS - Former IPC Board President Professor Chris Griffiths, United Kingdom, introduced the overarching concept of P4 Medicine and its importance in revolutionizing psoriasis care in the near future.
  • OPTIMIZING TRANSLATIONAL RESEARCH IN PSORIASIS:  BIG DATA APPROACHES TO DISCOVERY AND APPLICATION - In this session, faculty discussed the use of big data, focusing on a patient-centered approach in translational research and ways in which IPC can contribute to translational research.
  • PUSTULAR PSORIASIS FROM GENE TO CLINIC - Professor Hervé Bachelez, France, introduced this session’s topics, which included the clinical spectrum of pustular psoriasis, genetic associations, correlation between genotypes and clinical presentations, and the therapeutic opportunities. The impact of research in this field on personalized care was explored, as well as the potential for IPC to contribute to this area.
  • ACCESS TO MEDICINES - Using the World Health Organization (WHO) statement that psoriasis is a serious disease as a framework, faculty discussed the causes of variable access to medications across the world.  Professor Bruce Strober, United States, moderated this session.
  • COMMITTEE REPORTS - A half-day session was held for IPC councilors, fellows, and board members to hear reports from the organization’s education, patient care, and research committees. Following each report, councilors commented and made suggestions for future activities.
  • KEYNOTE LECTURE: In the Think Tank keynote lecture titled Mouse models helping to understand psoriasis pathogenesis, Dr. Nicole Ward, United States, discussed the insights gained from experimental mouse models and how these discoveries can be translated into advanced care for patients with psoriasis.

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