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 Gladys Leon Dorantes with her IPC colleagues participating in a meeting of the IPC
Latin America Working Group this past May at RADLA in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Argentina Gladys León Dorantes  was a well-known dermatologist and psoriasis expert working in Mexico City, Mexico since 1994. She was a founding member and long-serving president of the Asociación Mexicana Contra la Psoriasis, current president of the Fundación Mexicana de Dermatología, and longtime member of SOLAPSO among many other societies. She served on the board of dermatologists who oversaw the content for the national certification exams in dermatology and was a champion of both patients and psoriasis education in universities and congresses throughout the region. She served as an active member of IPC’s Latin America Working Group since its inception in 2015. The IPC joins many fellow dermatologists and individuals around the world in mourning her untimely passing this past July.

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Challenging cases in psoriasis: A focus on systemics, TB and pustular psoriasis

Wednesday, February 26, 2020
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm
Bangkok, Thailand
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