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Administración práctica de la terapia convencional en psoriasis en la era de la terapia biológica. Manuel Franco, Cesar González, Ángela Londoño, Carolina Velásquez, Paola Cárdenas, Lina Colmenares.Dermatol Rev Mex 2019 enero-febrero;63(1):68-73.

Psoriasis is an inflammatory disease of the skin, with systemic involvement due to the proinflammatory environment in these patients. It has a prevalence of 2 to 3% with worldwide distribution. The main objective of the treatment of psoriasis is to reduce skin lesions and control the systemic inflammation to improve quality of life of patients. Among the treatments for moderate or severe forms of the disease, there are systemic drugs such as methotrexate, cyclosporine, acitretin and phototherapy, with serious adverse effects that make that the treatment of choice must be the appropriate for the patient, especially when biological therapy gains more space, increasing the costs to health systems in a considerably way. This means that dermatologists should have greater clarity and knowledge in the proper way to use existing conventional treatments. With this article we intend to offer practical and simple tools at the moment of starting some conventional systemic therapy in patients with moderate to severe psoriasis in a simple, practical and safe way.

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