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PsoProtectMe is the only global survey for patients with psoriasis to self-report their experiences during the current pandemic and the PsoProtectMe website is now LIVE in 7 languages - Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Polish, Chinese and Japanese, as well as English.

The online survey takes only 5-10 minutes and asks patients with psoriasis about symptoms, psoriasis treatments and any underlying health conditions. If the patient has contracted COVID-19, the survey asks how this has affected the individual and his or her psoriasis.

The data collected from PsoProtectMe will help us understand how the pandemic is affecting people with psoriasis, and whether the treatments we use for psoriasis increase (or decrease) the risk of severe COVID-19 infection. This will help healthcare professionals make important decisions about the clinical care of people with psoriasis during the pandemic.

Contributions to PsoProtectMe will benefit everyone - please help by encouraging patients to complete the PsoProtectMe survey today. You can see data from the first 1,000 PsoProtectMe participants.

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