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Corticosteroid therapy is regarded as first-line therapy for treating mild psoriasis and recalcitrant lesions.  Members of the IPC Topical Therapies Working Group reviewed available international topical corticosteroids guidelines in order to understand current information and to identify areas that would benefit from greater practical guidance for dermatologists. The results of their review were published online by the Journal of Dermatological Treatment in May. The researchers reviewed corticosteroid guidelines from 10 countries: New Zealand, Norway, Malaysia, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Scotland, Canada, the United States, Germany, and South Africa. In their article, the authors revealed that a broad consensus exists across guidelines regarding the choice of steroid potency for specific body sites and the duration of steroid use in the short term. However, the review demonstrated that there are gaps in the recommendations for long-term treatment, as well as in the utility of tapering of topical corticosteroids and breaks in treatment. The authors call for an international collaboration to develop a consensus opinion that would outline effective and safe real-world practice in the use of topical corticosteroids. Such a consensus would maximize the appropriate use of steroids for the benefit of patients with psoriasis.

You can view the full article HERE.

Elise C. Kleyn, Elaine Morsman, Lizelle Griffin, Jashin J. Wu, Peter Cm van de Kerkhof, Wayne Gulliver, Joelle M. van der Walt & Lars Iversen (2019) Review of international psoriasis guidelines for the treatment of psoriasis: recommendations for topical corticosteroid treatments, Journal of Dermatological Treatment, 30:4, 311-319, DOI: 10.1080/09546634.2019.1620502

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