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PsoProtect registry data on first 200 cases

PsoProtect, the global registry for clinicians to report outcomes of COVID-19 in individuals with psoriasis, has updated their preliminary data so that it now includes the first 200 cases.

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Commentary: National Psoriasis Foundation COVID-19 Task Force Guidance for Management of Psoriatic Disease

IPC Founding President Alan Menter and IPC Councilor Ulrich Mrowietz discuss the new guidance on psoriasis care from the National Psoriasis Foundation COVID-19 Task Force.

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Declaración sobre el brote de coronavirus

Declaración del IPC sobre COVID y psoriasis La pandemia de SARS-CoV-2 continúa siendo una preocupación sanitaria de gravedad a nivel global. Desde que el Consejo Internacional de Psoriasis (IPC) publicó su declaración sobre COVID-19 el 11 de marzo, el coronavirus continúa propagándose rápidamente y actualmente constituye un peligro sanitario preponderante en todos los países de ingresos económicos altos, medios y bajos.

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Spanish study identifies 5 skin manifestations in COVID-19 patients

IPC fellow Dr. Romina Contreras talks with Dr. Alba Català about her study on skin manifestations of COVID-19 and how this research contributes to our growing understanding of the novel coronavirus.

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Stories from the field: COVID-19 and dermatology practice in Brazil

Ricardo Romiti, MD, PhD, discusses the COVID-19 situation in Brazil from a derm perspective.

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How to build a registry in record time: an interview with Catherine Smith and Satveer Mahil

The registries, PsoProtect and PsoProtectMe, aim to help health care workers understand how the novel virus affects patients with psoriasis.

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IPC Statement on COVID-19 and Psoriasis

The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic continues to have a considerable impact on the provision of appropriate care to people with psoriasis. In an updated statement, IPC advises physicians and other healthcare practitioners to take into account these important issues that relate to the management of psoriasis during the pandemic.

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Commentary: Psoriasis treat to target: defining outcomes in psoriasis

In moderate to severe psoriasis, there has been a long-lasting tradition to define outcome as a relative change from baseline PASI, with the classical PASI 75 being more recently replaced by PASI 90 or 100. However, this concept is dated, mainly due to the impressive development of anti-interleukin therapies and an increasing interest in real-world evidence.

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COVID-19 y psoriasis: Informes ibero-latinoamericanos

Aprenda más sobre cómo COVID-19 está afectando a las personas con psoriasis. Vea el webinar de IPC para médicos en América Latina con pacientes con psoriasis.

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Commentary: OpenSAFELY: factors associated with COVID-19 death in 17 million patients

Torres writes that several comorbidities known to be associated with psoriasis, such as cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes or obesity, have been identified as risk factors for severe COVID-19 outcomes.

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