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Pathogenesis of Psoriasis

Dr. Stingl discusses differences in the pathogenesis of plaque psoriasis and pustular psoriasis. Spoiler alert: it's the neutrophils.

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2021 IPC Events Calendar

IPC is already planning for the future with multiple events scheduled for the upcoming year.

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Optimizing the Use of Biologics

Dr. Armstrong guides us through the process of choosing which biologic to use as a psoriasis treatment.

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The Future of Psoriasis Pathogenesis and Treatment

Prof. van de Kerkhof urges dermatologists to be ambitious and strive to clear the skin of their psoriasis patients.

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Translations NOW AVAILABLE: January 2020 Psoriasis Review Newsletter

The IPC  Psoriasis Review newsletter  provides practicing physicians with an authoritative research review that targets a range of key psoriasis publications most relevant to current clinical practice. The newsletter leverages the collective research and clinical expertise of IPC’s Councilors to identify the most important publications in psoriasis from the past year and provide a concise editorial commentary on the value of these publications. The January 2020 newsletter...

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Psoriasis & Mental Health Report

Mental health issues may become more acute during this time of pandemic. This is especially relevant for people with psoriasis, who experience higher rates of depression overall. IPC's recent report on mental health and psoriasis explores the physical and social links between mental health and psoriasis.

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PSI available in 20 languages

The Psoriasis Symptom Inventory (PSI), a self-administered, patient-reported outcome measure (PRO) to assess symptom severity in plaque psoriasis is available online at no cost for use in the clinic or for academic research. The PSI is available in 20 different languages.

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Psoriasis: Treating to Goal

IPC offers a series of CME programs, presented by global leaders in psoriasis, to help you learn more about psoriasis and strategies to effectively manage challenging cases.

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IPC January 2020 Newsletter

Just published - IPC's latest issue of the Psoriasis Review newsletter is now available! This issue features the Top Five Papers in psoriasis research, symposia reports, IPC news, and more!

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IPC Think Tank 2019

The International Psoriasis Council (IPC) Think Tank brings together member experts in dermatology to deliberate on the issues that contribute to the widespread undertreatment of tens of millions of people with psoriasis worldwide. Held in Lisbon, Portugal in early December, the 2019 IPC Think Tank convened 60 specialists in psoriasis from all over the world to discuss the most pressing issues affecting psoriasis care and treatment globally. The outcome of these discussions will inform IPC...

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COVID-19 Psoriasis Resource Center

Information from around the world on psoriasis and coronavirus to assist dermatologists and the patients they serve

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