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PsoProtect International Registry

PsoProtect is an international registry for clinicians to report outcomes of COVID-19 in individuals with psoriasis. The registry seeks to improve our understanding of how factors such as immunomodulator therapies and comorbidities impact outcomes to COVID-19 in psoriasis. This information will inform clinicians when assessing risk and treating COVID-19 in patients with psoriasis. 


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Safety of biologics for psoriasis patients during the COVID-19 pandemic: the experience from Wuhan, China.

Eur J Dermatol. 2020 Dec 01;30(6):738-740

Authors: Zhao L, Du H, Alamgir M, Yang J, Miao X, Jiang B, Xia Y, Lou Y, Wang Y, Shen C, Zhu J, Chung WH, Li Y, Tao J

PMID: 33459264 [PubMed - in process]


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