International Psoriasis Council

Advancing Knowledge. Enhancing Care.

Advancing Knowledge. Enhancing Care.

IPC is pleased to share a new video series created by IPC’s corporate partner Novartis – “In Conversation: A New Method of Classifying Psoriasis Severity from the International Psoriasis Council.” IPC appreciates Novartis’ commitment to building awareness of IPC’s consensus statement and its process to arrive at the definition. Hear from world psoriasis experts, IPC Board Member Bruce Strober and IPC Councilor Andrew Blauvelt discuss how psoriasis severity is currently measured and why a change is necessary.  You will also hear how IPC used the Delphi process to develop the new method and the implications for providers and patients, and then ultimately how patients will benefit.

Read more about our Psoriasis Severity Reclassification Project and watch the trailer to the three part series!

Video Series